District #118 Emergency & Disaster Management

The following notification shall be distributed to parents on an annual basis:

Student safety is our District’s top priority. In addition to physical safety, the District is concerned with students’ emotional well-being and will help students cope with an emergency or disaster and its aftermath. The following outlines our emergency and disaster response plans.

Safety Plans

The District has plans for all four phases of emergency and disaster management: 1. Preparedness – planning for an emergency or disaster event; 2. Response – planned response to an emergency or disaster event; 3. Recovery – the process of returning to normal operations; and 4. Mitigation – steps taken to minimize the effects of an emergency or disaster. These phases are covered in the District’s Emergency Situation Guidebook and Crisis Management Plan.


The District monitors the Homeland Security Office and other emergency preparedness resources, such as local police and fire departments. The District will disseminate emergency information via individual schools and/or through the media.

Emergency Responses

Emergency responses will depend on the circumstances and may include evacuation or lockdown. For evacuation purposes, each school has at least one off-campus site where students and staff assemble to be accounted for and temporarily housed. During a lock down, no one may enter or leave the building until it is safe to do so. 

In the event your child’s school is evacuated, the school will attempt to notify you as soon as possible at the home and/or emergency telephone numbers on your child’s registration card.The school may also notify news media and place the information on the individual school’s voicemail or answering machines.