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Wetlands Scavenger Hunt



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Directions:  Read the following questions and answer each using your book or the internet. Where appropriate, click on the blue links to help you answer the question. When you locate the answer, write it on your answer sheet. Click the "back" button to return to the hunt page.

1. What image does the word "wetland" bring to mind? Without looking at the internet or your book, describe what you envision.

2. Now study the wetland pictures on the webpage (you can click on the individual pictures to make them larger) and in your book on page 60. Based on your observations, now how you would you describe a wetland? How was your original image similar or different?

3. "If a duck can paddle in it, it's a wetland. If a duck can waddle in it, it's not." Defining a wetland is not that easy, so what exactly is a wetland? Write the textbook's definition found on page 59.

4. In order for an area to be considered a wetland, it must exhibit three characteristics. Describe each of the three requirements.

5.  There are several different types of wetlands. Describe the following FRESHWATER wetlands: a bog, a marsh, and a swamp?

6.  Wetlands have often been considered to be a nuisance to human existence . . . a source of mosquitoes, flies, unpleasant odors, and disease. What resulted because of this negative view?

7.  Humans have a huge impact on our environment. Name and explain two human activities that have caused destruction to wetland habitats.

8.  Did you know that Illinois was home to a vast amount of wetlands at one time? How much of our state’s wetlands have been lost?

9. Everglades National Park is in Florida (see page 63 in your book for a map). Where is it geographically located in Florida?

10. Everglades National Park is a unique & fragile wetlands environment that is threatened by nearby farming and development. Water that once flowed into the Everglades has been diverted for farming. Some of the plans to restore the Everglades will require millions of dollars and will negatively affect local farmers. What information would you want to have to help decide what plan of action to take to save the Everglades?

11.  Many people have come to appreciate the importance of preserving and maintaining wetland habitats. Why are wetlands valuable? Name at least three reasons. You can also look here and here.

12. Some foods that many people eat are grown in wetland environments. Read about them here. Name one and write an interesting fact about it.

13.  Wetlands serve as habitats for some really amazing creatures. Read about the various wetland animals listed. Choose your favorite and explain why you find it interesting. You can also look here and here!

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