8th Grade Science Resources
Earth Science

Earth Mrs. Jokiel's Google Site Earth Mrs. Deemer's Google Site Earth Science-Class.Net Earth My Foot Print
Earth Usborne Quick-Links Earth Current Science Magazine EarthSnowflake Webquest Earth Quizstar

Weather Earth Earth's Atmosphere Virtual Lab

Rocks & Minerals EarthGeology.com
Earth The Gallery of Minerals EarthMinerals by Name: Glossary
EarthGlencoe:Identifying Unknown Minerals Earth More to come!

Weathering & Erosion Earth Maine: Bureau of Land & Water Quality-Soil Erosion
Earth Ben & Ron's Amazing Adventure-Arches National Park Earth Erosion Channel-Audio Tour
Earth Duke University: Weathering Images #1 Earth Duke University: Weathering Images #2
Earth More to come... Earth Virtual Courseware for Earth & Environmental Science

Astronomy Earth Planitz Webquest Earth Starry Skies: The Constellations
Earth Stars Webquest Earth Cosmic Quest Earth Star Life Cycle
Earth Windows to the Universe Earth Myths, Legends, & Lore Earth Constellation Mythology
Earth HubbleSite: Black Holes Earth Galaxy Zoo Earth Stories Behind the Constellations
Earth The Constellations Earth More to come! Earth Mythology Behind the Constellations

The Town that Disappeared Earth Five Massive Canadian Landslides Earth Landslides: Case Studies
Earth Landslide in Saint-Jean-Vianney, Canada Earth The Floods in Canada: Saguenay Floods Earth The Atlas of Canada: Landslides

Soil Erosion/Conservation Earth Surviving the Dust Bowl: An Eyewitness Account Earth More to come...
Earth UNL: Drought Resources  Earth National Drought Mitigation Center Earth Wind Erosion Multimedia Archive

Earth's Waters Earth Wetlands Webquest Earth Water Resources &
Usage in Australia
Earth Testing the Waters Virtual Lab Earth EPA Student Center: Water Earth Aquastat
Earth Water Science Earth NCES-Create-A-Graph Earth Water Footprint
Earth This Land: 57 Ways Earth Water Conservation Earth Vital Water Graphics
Earth Use Water Wisely Earth More to come Earth More to come

Global Warming - Pro Earth WorldFocus: The game of chicken with China over global warming ends Earth Tierramerica: Cattle Contribute to
Global Warming
Earth The Guardian: Brazil promises deep emission cuts in 'political gesture' to rich nations Earth Copenhagen Consensus Climate Change Project Earth UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Earth NOAA: A Paleo-Perspective on Global Warming Earth EPA: Climate Change

Earth WWF: Climate Change

Earth EDF: Climate Earth UNEP: Vital Climate Graphics Earth Mongabay
Earth NEW ~ NBC News: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home Earth PBS: What's Up with the Weather Earth Nature Conservancy: Climate Change
Earth NASA Earth Observatory: Global Warming Earth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Earth National Geographic: Global Warming
Earth Exploratorium: Global Climate Change Earth Science Daily: Brazil & Global Warming Earth Climate Ark
Earth NSA: Earth Lab: Degrees of Change Earth BBC: Climate Change Around the World Earth World View of Global Warming
Earth Climate Hot Map Earth Carbon Footprint of Nations Earth Time For Change
Earth Global Warming: Impact Zone: Overview Earth SciDevNet: Climate Change & Energy Earth European Commission: Climate Action
Earth NEW ~ IPCC: Climate Change 2013 Earth NEW ~ NASA: Global Climate Change Earth NEW ~ UCAR Connect
Wavy Blue Line
Global Warming - Con Earth ICECAP Earth Global Warming Hoax
Earth CO2 Science Earth Skeptical Science Earth ClimateChangeScam.com
Earth More to come Earth ClimateChangeHoax.com Earth The Global Warming Hoax
Wavy Blue Line
Opposing Viewpoints - Pro & Con Earth Opposing Views: Global Warming Earth Climate Debate Daily
Earth Information is Beautiful EartheNotes: Global warming Earth Climate Change Pro/Con
Earth Opposing Viewpoints Database Earth Wall Street Journal: What is Global Warming? Earth More to come...

Biomes Earth Biomes, Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems Earth The World's Biomes

Moon Hoax

Earth Rocket & Technology: Did We Land on the Moon? Earth Science @ NASA: The Great Moon Hoax
Earth ApolloHoax.net Earth NG: Moon Hoax Busted Earth Bad Astronomy: Fox TV & Apollo Moon Hoax
Earth Non-Faked Moon Landings Earth Moon Base Clavius: Debunking the Moon Hoax Earth More to come...

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