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Gilded Age & Progressive Era
~ The Gilded Age, 1876 - 1900 ~ Illinois During the Gilded Age, 1866 - 1896
~ A Classification Of American Wealth: The Gilded Age ~ Gilded Age & Progressive Era Resources

Dinner Party Biographies ~ Adeline Hornbek
~ Emily Greene Balch ~ Susanna Medora Salter  ~ Biography.com
~ Matilda Joslyn Gage ~ Lucy Hobbs (Taylor)  ~ Clara Barton
~ Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood ~ Jane Addams ~ Ida B. Wells (Barnett)

Inventors & Inventions from 1850 - 1910
~ Zoom Inventors & Inventions ~ 19th Century Innovation Timeline (1800-1899)
~ About.com - 19th Century Inventors ~ 20th Century Innovation Timeline (1900-1999)

Women's Suffrage Movement ~ Not For Ourselves Alone
World War I ~ Women At War
The Jazz Age ~ PBS: Jazz!
Great Depression ~ American in the 1930's
~ History Channel: The Great Depression ~ More to Come...

World War II: Primary Sources
~ The Home Front ~ HistoryNet Magazine: WWII Articles ~ Search The National Archives: Search using "World War II"
plus the subtopic word (Example: infantry, photographs, etc.)
~ WWII Paperwork: Master List ~ Women & the Home Front during WWII ~ Military Factory: Military Weapons
~ WWII Archives ~ American Red Cross in WWII ~ WWII Primary Documents
~ Internet Modern History Sourcebook: WWII ~ Journal Entries from a Parachute Regiment ~ LOC: America from the Depression to WWII: Photographs
~ BBC: WW2 People's War ~ BBC: A Wartime Home ~ American Women History: WWII
~ WAVES ~ Scholastic Research Starters: WWII ~ More to come...
World War II: Scrapbook Resources
~ 3rd Armored Division: Soldier's Stories:
Check for your soldier's name
~ FamilySearch:
Search Historical Records,Family Trees
~ National Archives: WWII Photos

WWII: Holocaust

~ Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

~ NAAF Holocaust Project ~ Holocaust: Remember.org
~ People ~ The History Place: Holocaust Timeline ~ Genocide Under the Nazis (BBC)
~ Holocaust Encyclopedia ~ Jewish Virtual Library: Holocaust ~ Holocaust Websites (Great sites!)
~ Documents (Primary Source Documents) ~ Holocaust Survivors ~ FDR Museum
~ Related Web Sites- Multiple websites for Victims, Perpetrators, Rescuers, Resisters, Liberators, Survivors, Camps, & Arts ~ Labor & the Holocaust: The Jewish Labor Committee & the Anti-Nazi Struggle ~ Nazi Propaganda Posters
~ Holocaust Timeline ~ Witnesses: Survivors, Bystanders, Victims, Liberators, Resistance, Rescuers, & Perpetrators ~ Galleries of Holocaust Images
~ Holocaust Pictures Exhibition Star of DavidAnne Frank Resources: ~ Anne Frank in the World
  ~ The Anne Frank Center ~ Anne Frank House
Star of DavidMedia Resources: ~ Midi Collection ~ Classical Midi Files
~ Music of the Holocaust ~ Headlines & Audio - Check out the 1930's & 1940's - Save an audio file per year.*  
~ Holocaust Music Files ~ CNN: Holocaust Music (Save .wav files)* ~ Video Archive of Holocaus Testimonies
~ Nazi Propaganda Exhibit ~ Jewish Virtual Library: Holocaust Photographs * To Save: Rt click > Save Target As > Shared on Wolverines > Holocaust Unit Resources > Music > Save.


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Flag Button American Presidents Flag Button Presidents of the United States (POTUS)


Decades Resources

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