New District 118 School Websites

District 118 is pleased to announce that our six school campuses now have new websites contained within the District 118 website.

What does this mean?

  • When you visit the Schools drop-down menu on the D118 website, each school's link will now take you to web pages for that school without leaving the larger District 118 website.

  • Information pertaining to each individual school will be located on a school's web page.

  • Information pertaining to a broader group of people, i.e.: all parents, all staff, all students, etc., will be found in the appropriate drop-down menus -- Parents, Staff, or Students.

  • Selecting "Home" will always return you to the D118 website, not an individual school's web pages. To return to the starting point of any building's web pages, simply click the school name in large white letters or use the Schools drop-down menu in the black bar.