Special Services

District 118 Special Services
555 North Main Street
Wauconda, IL  60084
(Enter through Door 27)
Phone: (847) 526-7950   
Fax: (847) 865-1260

Dr. Julia Nadler
Assistant Superintendent of Special Services
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9200

Vision Statement

Flexible, student-focused services for lifelong learning

Wauconda CUSD 118 believes that all students can learn, given appropriate supports and services. Each child deserves an educational environment where he or she can be most successful. Each child deserves to be educated according to his or her individual needs. We believe in a flexible, full continuum of services with supports, modifications, and accommodations. Wauconda CUSD 118 adheres to all Federal and State rules and regulations pertaining to the availability and implementation of Special Education Services and Section 504 Services. Wauconda CUSD 118 is a member of the SEDOL Special Education Cooperative.

Students with disabilities may receive related services as part of their individual education programs (IEPs). The Wauconda CUSD 118 will maintain related service logs that record the type and number of minutes of the related service(s) administered to such students. Copies of any related service logs will be available to parents/guardians at their child’s annual review IEP meeting. Parents/guardians of students with disabilities may also request copies of their child’s related service logs at any time.

Heather Fontanetta
Director of Special Services
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9209

Stacy O'Dea
Director of Special Services
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9202

Kelly Plunk
Director of Special Services
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9203

Tracy Brown
District Nurse
(847) 526-6611 ext.9011

Melissa Hanes
504 Coordinator
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9206

Allison Gorman
Academy Coordinator
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9201

Bill Gibson
ALOP Facilitator
(847) 526-7950

Concerns with school-aged students

If you have concerns with your school-aged child's learning, speech, language, behavior, health, or physical ability, please contact your child’s teacher, building principal, or District #118 Assistant Superintendent of Special Services, Dr. Julia Nadler, at (847) 526-7950, ext. 9200. 

Concerns with preschool-aged students

Wauconda CUSD 118 offers preschool screenings to all children aged three to five years who live within district boundaries. Screenings provide parents with information about their child's growth and development. For more information, please see the flyer in English and Spanish. To set up an appointment, contact the Special Education Office at (847) 526-7950, ext. 9208. Additionally, please visit our Preschool Learners page for more support and information.

Rosanna Korycanek
Administrative Assistant Habla Español, Preschool Screenings, ALOP
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9208

Esmeralda Martinez
Administrative Assistant Student Records
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9205

Debbie Townsend
Administrative Assistant
Out of District Transportation
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9204

Maria Guadalupe Carrasco
District Translator
Habla Español
(847) 526-7950 ext. 9210