Food Service

Sodexo My Way is your new link for all District 118 menus and nutrition information. Take a look!

Please click here for the Illinois EPAY Portal to add funds to your child's cafeteria account.

Parents: Please be aware that CAFETERIA ACCOUNT DEPOSITS are NOT AVAILABLE THE SAME DAY you make a deposit. It may take up two (2) business days before your student can access the funds.


Hot Lunch Program

A hot lunch program is available for students. The objective of this lunch program is to provide warm, nutritional lunches to children. Milk is included with the hot lunch. A monthly menu is attached to monthly newsletters with menu offerings. The cost of each lunch is $3.00. Children may use their lunch funds at any time during the school year. Many families choose to send a lunch from home on days when a particular menu item is not compatible with a child's personal preferences. If you choose to send a lunch from home, please make every effort to select items that ensure good nutrition.

1 Day = $3.00

5 Days = $15.00

10 Days = $30.00

20 Days = $60.00

Breakfast Program

Breakfast is available for all students to purchase. 

1 Day = $1.60

5 Days = 8.00

10 Days = $16.00

20 Days = $32.00

End of the Year Lunch Information    

We would like to remind you that no refunds will be given on milk or lunch tickets at the end of the year. It is important for you to be aware of your child's ticket balance and not to purchase more lunches than your child will use by the end of the year. We respectfully request that outstanding balances be resolved as quickly as possible throughout the year and this is especially true at the end of the year. Also, no lunch or milk loans will be issued in the final few weeks of school.