Wauconda Student Assistance Team

WSAT Mission Statement

The Wauconda Student Assistance Team (WSAT) fosters collaborative problem solving utilizing existing staff to provide innovative, differentiated teaching in an environment which empowers our diverse student population with an opportunity for quality education. The program meets student needs with a focus on early intervening services for students who may be at risk of academic failure with measurable results. Parents have the right to request support from the WSAT team or the right to request an evaluation for your child at any time.

What is WSAT?

Teacher partnerships that are child focused, service focused, and flexible.

  • Call your child’s school to ask to speak with the WSAT Facilitator if you have any questions or you wish to make a referral for your child.

  • A collaborative team consisting of regular education teachers, learning/behavioral specialists, social workers, guidance counselors, speech/language therapists, psychologists, and reading specialists who utilize their collective talents to identify student issues, brainstorm and implement strategies.

  • A support structure designed to help teachers meet the needs of students.

  • Whenever a teacher or a parent has a concern about a student that requires ongoing monitoring and/or requires some form of intervention other than existing remedial supports, the child can be referred to the weekly WSAT meetings.

  • The WSAT team works to identify the problem, define it, and create measurable interventions with ongoing monitoring.

Who can be referred to WSAT?

Any student who is experiencing academic, behavioral, or social-emotional difficulties in the school setting. Referrals are made by teachers, parents or administrators.

What are interventions?

A key to WSAT is research-based instruction for all students, early intervening services for students who are at risk for academic failure and tiers of scientifically-based research driven interventions, delivered with fidelity for students who are in need. This plan is detailed in the Wauconda CUSD 118 Response to Intervention Plan (RtI). In the past this has been referred to as FLEXible Service Delivery program. RtI is a systematic method designed to provide high quality interventions matched to student needs and monitored on a frequent basis. The information gained from an RtI process is used by school personnel and parents to adapt .instruction and to make decisions regarding the student’s educational program. The student’s response to intervention helps determine the need for continued educational support or the need for further evaluation of the student’s skills.

This system focuses on functional assessment of student needs utilizing Universal tools such as Aimsweb, NWEA Map testing, and School Wide Information System (SWIS) that monitors office discipline referrals. Data is reviewed by a collaborative problem solving team (WSAT) to develop interventions. The intent is to assess the academic and behavioral performance of the student in the classroom based on observable and measurable information. This system provides interventions regardless of categories and labels, using a systematic delivery of research-based interventions. Student response to intervention helps determine the need for continued educational support or the need for further evaluation of the student’s skills.

Will Parents Be Informed?

Parents are notified when a teacher has concerns about their child. Teachers will inform parents that their child will be referred to this collaborative problem solving team (WSAT). Parents will be notified of the results of this meeting and the plan that is developed. Parent involvement is welcome at any time.

How Can I Help My Child at Home?

  • Communicate with your child’s classroom teachers.

  • Be aware of your child’s homework and school work. Provide daily homework time.

  • Be aware of, and support suggested interventions