Student Assessments

Student Assessments

Wauconda CUSD 118 administers a variety of local, national, and state mandated assessments throughout different time periods of the school year. Some assessments are utilized to measure individual student growth and/or class placement, while others are used for school-wide accountability for the Illinois State Board of Education. Assessment results are analyzed and support programmatic reviews, curriculum development,  and instructional decision-making. Please the links below for further information.

Student Assessment Calendar

Each year a Student Assessment Calendar is developed to guide schools, parents, and students in planning. State required assessments have limited scheduling flexibility. School administered assessments are carefully considered within the parameters of the testing guidelines and building activity schedules.

District Annual Assessment Reports

With the adoption of the new Illinois Learning Standards incorporating the Common Core, the state has retired many of its old tests and replaced them with new, innovative assessments that will provide educators with reliable data to help guide instruction.  Often aided by technological advances, these assessments will allow for students to better showcase their skills compared to the old, multiple-choice format (Illinois State Board of Education).