Tutoring Information

Pear Deck Tutor (formally TutorMe)

Pear Deck Tutor (formally TutorMe) is an online service that connects students with a live tutor providing support and homework help. Students can receive help in any subject area. There is no cost to D118 families for this service. 

To request support, take the following steps:

1. Visit the following website:   Clever

Click Log in with Google.

Screenshot show user how to Login with Google

2. Select your D118 account

Screenshot shows select your D118 account

3. Scroll down the page to the section MORE APPS

4. Select Pear Deck Tutor (formally TutorMe) as shown above.

5. Select Connect with a Live Tutor or Writing Lab as shown below. You will be walked through several steps to ensure a good match for your particular learning need.

Screenshot tells user to select between two action buttons to connect with a live tutor or writing lab.

Additional information:

Screenshot shows how the TutorMe service works: request, learn, review.